February 26, 2010

this rude girl don't play with the bom di-dang di-dang diggi-diggi

I went to the zoo on Wednesday.

If you would like to see more amazingly average photos, perhaps even see them not reduced in size, check out my flickr! Or not. It's up to you.

x Brodie

February 21, 2010


I'm kidding, we're not shutting down THAT easily! figured it was a nice contrast to the previous posts title below hehe.
So, I'm back and ready for some art!
Brodie's lazy.

Speaking of Finders Keepers, the 2010 Finder's Keepers Art Comp winner was announced today.
I'll be frank, I'm not usually a big fan of , dare I say cartoony and 'poster paint' type art but I couldn't help myself from really liking Lauren Carney' playful work and can't wait for the 2010 Finders Keepers markets now.

Lauren hales from sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Finders have said they will be printing this on Tees, I hope they print some canvas totes too!

x louise

February 09, 2010


I would probably update this alot more if it were a tumblr. I'm so sorry. It is honestly sheer lazyness. See, I can't even be bothered to upload a pretty photo for you. Life blows. And Louise is on holidays. Damn herrr.

x Brodie

P.S It is so hard to find tree branches and drift wood etc. in Australia. WHY? Like, useable ones. For hanging jewellery etc.

10 December 09